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From 22nd March 2024, Athletic Dietetics will be offering online consultations only for an extended period of time.


New client consultations will be unavailble between 22nd March and 30th April 2024.

Please contact Sammii if you would like to be included on the waiting list for new clients in May 2024.

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Optimum sports performance involves more than general healthy eating.  Sports nutrition is a complex science that is personalised to assist you to achieve your athletic goals.  I love to work with anyone who is motivated to create healthy changes that fuel their body and align with their training and performance needs. Whether you are an emerging athlete, self-proclamed weekend warrior, age-group athlete, training to complete your first triathlon or marathon, or an advancced athlete competing at a professional/elite level, I look forward to working with you to tailor a nutritional plan that will complement and enhance your training and performance.


Working with a sports dietitian can take away the guesswork and confusion, and provide clear guidelines and practical strategies to help you acheive your sporting or exercise goals, while also optimising your long-term health.

Athletic Dietetics can assist with:

  • Individual and team sport athletes

  • Endurance sports and strength sports

  • Training nutrition

  • Race/comp day nutrition plans

  • Hydration

  • Travel nutrition

  • Supplement advice and prescription

  • Muscle growth and/or weight gain

  • Gut health and gut training

  • Micronutrient deficiencies

  • Injury prevention and management

  • Female athlete nutrition support  (bone health, hormones, menstrual cycle, etc.)

  • Athletes following special diets (vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, low FODMAP, etc.)

  • Junior athletes (aged 14-17)

  • Improving your relationship with food

  • ​Dietary management of a chronic condition e.g.​

    • Type 2 Diabetes

    • Heart health (cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, cholesterol)

    • Nutritional deficiencies

    • Plant-based diets

    • Coeliac disease

    • Gut health and IBS

    • Osteoporosis and bone health

    • Neurdivergence (ADHD/Autism)

Sports Nutrition

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Sports Nutrition

Initial Consult Package


Includes initial consult, nutrition plan and 1st review consultation.

Health Fund Rebates


Many Australian Private Health Funds give a rebate for visits to Accredited Practising Dietitians, dependent on your level of health cover. If your health fund cover includes dietetics services then you can claim back money on your initial consult and review consult payments.


All health funds and their cover options are different, so check your extra's to see if dietetics is included.

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Medicare Rebate, DVA & NDIS

We accept GP referrals for Chronic Disease Management.

This is a government funded program in which you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for a maximum of 5 Allied Health Services (including Dietetics) each year to support the medical management of a chronic condition.

The current Medicare rebate is $58.30, meaning Medicare will cover $58.30 of your appointment fee; you will only be required to pay the remaining gap.

To organise a care plan, please speak with your regular GP to discuss.

We accept a DVA Gold Card or White Card (condition specific). 

If you hold a DVA Gold Card or a White Card (condition specific) then you can access dietitian support from Athletic Dietetics with a D904 referral from your GP.

Once you obtain the D904 referral get in contact to make an appointment.  All Veterans with an eligible D904 can book our private consults and are bulk billed. 

We accept clients who have an NDIS funding for dietetic included in their management plan. NDIS participants can book our private consults and are bulk billed. 

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